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Cosmetic dentistry can change your life – especially if you are insecure about the appearance of your smile. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with an imperfect smile. Smile imperfections can be changed with cosmetic dental treatments.

Cosmetic dentistry involves several different types of treatments that improve the aesthetics of teeth. In some cases, a combination of treatments might be used to achieve the desired result – especially if a patient has imperfections of various natures. The following are a few of our most popular cosmetic services that can help renew your self-esteem and improve your appearance.

Teeth Whitening

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Teeth whitening can dramatically improve the appearance of stained and discolored teeth. As we age and as our teeth are exposed to dark foods and drinks, they will darken in color and sometimes form noticeable spots of discoloration. Since white teeth are associated with health, vigor and attractiveness, having discolored teeth can take a toll on one’s self-esteem. Professional whitening treatments will greatly lighten the appearance of teeth by penetrating the enamel surface and bleaching away yellowing and discoloration.

Southern Hills Dental provides two options for those looking to whiten their teeth. For those in a hurry, a quick but incredibly effective in-office whitening treatment can drastically change the appearance of your teeth in one visit to our office. The other option patients have is using a take-home kit that includes custom trays and whitening solutions that are prescribed by our dentist. Those who choose take-home kits tend to do so as an easy way to maintain the results of in-office treatment or to whiten their teeth in the comfort of their homes.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers can result in a total smile makeover. Veneers are cosmetic enhancements that are permanently bonded over the outside of teeth to hide flaws like stains, cracks, jagged edges, spacing problems and misshapen teeth.

A veneer is ultra-thin and tooth-shaped. It is made in a dental lab specifically for a patient’s tooth so that it fits over the tooth and in between other teeth properly. If a smile is very flawed, some patients may benefit from receiving multiple veneers. When multiple veneers are bonded over teeth, it produces the appearance of a smile that is free of cracks, chips, spacing issues and stains. This is why people say that porcelain veneers are like “instant orthodontics”. Having these cosmetic enhancements bonded over your teeth will produce the appearance of a straight and proportionate smile.

White Restorations

Tooth colored restorations like composite fillings and porcelain dental crowns can protect teeth while enhancing their appearance. Composite fillings are natural looking restorations used to treat minor tooth decay. A white filling will protect a tooth from developing a wider or deeper cavity without looking unnatural or obvious. For teeth in need of more extensive repair, a porcelain crown is a great method for protecting a tooth from additional damage without negatively impacting the aesthetics of a smile.

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Cosmetic Dentistry FAQs

Cosmetic dentistry involves treatments that increase the symmetry and attractiveness of a smile. Improving the appearance of teeth and gums might involve placing white restorations like composite fillings and porcelain crowns, bonding porcelain veneers, and administering professional teeth whitening treatments. In some instances, patients may receive a combination of treatments to achieve their desired result.

A dental crown is a restoration that has cosmetic benefits. Essentially, a dental crown is cap-like restoration that fits over the entire tooth’s structure above the gum line. Dental crowns are custom made to very exact measurements so that they properly fit over and in between teeth without appearing unnatural to an onlooker. When it comes to receiving crowns for cosmetic reasons, materials like porcelain or porcelain fused to metal are used because they closely resemble biological teeth. A dental crown – even if used for cosmetic purposes – will provide protection from dental caries and breakage if a tooth is weak or brittle. In some cases, multiple crowns may be placed to achieve a uniform, white smile.

A veneer is a wafer-thin cosmetic enhancement that is bonded over teeth. Made from porcelain, a veneer is tooth shaped and used to conceal dental imperfections like chips, stains, jagged edges, and improperly spaced teeth. A series of porcelain veneers can be used to transform a noticeably damaged smile into a flawless looking one.

If you have sensitive teeth, it is important to whiten them under the care of your dentist. Store-bought products like rinses, toothpastes, and whitening strips can contain abrasives and/or unstable formulas that increase tooth sensitivity. Choosing professional whitening treatments is ideal because Southern Hills Dental only prescribes effective and stable whitening formulas. Our practice offers in-office whitening treatments as well as custom take-home kits.

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