General Dentistry


Achieving and maintaining good oral health involves a commitment to healthy dental habits in addition to visiting our practice regularly for routine checkups and cleanings.

With an emphasis on prevention and advanced diagnostics, our team strives to reveal potential problems and oral health conditions as early as possible. Early detection normally translates to minimally invasive treatment which helps preserve oral tissue like teeth and gums without making a burdensome dent in your budget.

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Emergency Dentistry

Even though we hope that no one has to endure a dental emergency, it is a fact of life that accidents happen. When facial trauma or dental injuries strike, it is important to seek the advice of a dental professional as soon as possible. Southern Hills Dental offers same-day emergency dental appointments for those who require expedient treatment. Common reasons for emergency visits include cracked or knocked out teeth and toothaches. If you feel that you need emergency treatment, call our practice as soon as you can so that we can make room for you in our schedule.

Cleanings and Checkups (with Oral Hygiene Education)

Visiting our Southern Hills Dental team at least twice per year is essential to taking a proactive approach to your oral health and well being. Dental checkups are thorough. In addition to diagnosing and treating issues like periodontal disease and tooth decay, a checkup can reveal abnormalities like oral cancer and developmental issues concerning facial bones.

As with checkups, cleanings are an important part of protecting your oral health. Even if you believe that you brush and floss properly, home care – even when executed properly – is not enough to stop the formation of hardened plaque (tartar). A cleaning is a gentle, cost-effective way to remove tartar buildup while also deeply cleaning the gums and teeth. Having routine professional cleanings is a great way to reduce your risk for developing periodontal (gum) disease and its many unwanted side effects.

Checkups and cleanings are the perfect time for our team to answer patients’ questions and concerns. Visits to our practice are also great opportunities for patient education – especially for our younger guests. During cleanings, our team can provide oral hygiene instructions in a helpful and practical way so that members of our community can maintain their oral health with proper home care.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that has been scientifically proven to help strengthen tooth enamel. Tooth enamel is the outer layer of a tooth’s structure. Comprised of minerals, tooth enamel is a tooth’s first line of defense against harmful bacteria, acid and worn dentition. Unfortunately, with years of wear and tear along with exposure to strong acids and bacteria, tooth enamel can become permanently damaged. A fluoride treatment is a cost-effective method for strengthening the outside of teeth to help reduce the risks of developing dental caries or weak teeth. Fluoride treatments only take a few minutes, and it is administered in a flavored varnish.

Periodontal Treatments

Periodontal therapy is an essential part of managing gum disease. Periodontal disease is one of the top threats to our oral health. When left untreated, periodontal disease will advance into an aggressive condition that loosens the bond between teeth and gums along with destroying bone and gingiva. Periodontal therapy involves removing diseased gingival tissue and cleaning away the accumulation of tartar deep within the gums and along the roots of teeth. This type of therapy is sometimes performed in increments, and some patients may need multiple treatments to get gum disease under control.

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  • I've been going to this dental office for many years. Dr. Muaina is a great dentist and does a great job and I love his bedside manner. The staff is so helpful and they make you feel welcome every time you come to the office. I highly recommend Dr. Muaina and his staff!!
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Meet the Doctors

Nathan K. Muaina, DMD

Dr. Muaina received his doctorate of dental medicine in 2010 from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Upon completion of his dental degree, Dr. Muaina completed post-doctoral residency training at the University of Texas, School of Dentistry in Houston. Dr. Muaina’s passion is cosmetic and esthetic dentistry. He loves rebuilding a patient’s smile!

Dr. Bill Leinart

Dr. Leinart earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Baylor College of Dentistry. He has been in private dental practice since 1977. Dr. Leinart is a member of the Texas and American Dental Associations, and the Dallas County Dental Society. He has also served as the President of the East Texas Dental Association and the Garland Dental Study Club.

General Dentistry FAQs

Visiting the dentist regularly is imperative for preventing disease and catching oral health problems as early as possible. Early detection typically means that a patient will enjoy conservative treatment that thwarts the advancement of serious health conditions. Another important element of regular dental visits is professional cleanings. Cleanings help promote a healthy mouth by removing tartar accumulation – a substance that cannot be removed by brushing or flossing.

You should brush your teeth at least twice a day – preferably after meals and before bedtime. Flossing is equally important and should be done once per day.

If you have a dental emergency, call Southern Hills Dental as soon as you can so that we can assess your situation, provide helpful advice, and make room for you in our schedule for emergency treatment if necessary. If you have a dental emergency such as a broken tooth, be sure to call us first so that we can prepare for your visit.

A person should have professional dental cleanings every six months. Receiving routine cleanings will help prevent the development of periodontal disease while also keeping teeth and gums as clean as possible.

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