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Since made available to the public in the 1990s, Invisalign has changed the way that patients think about orthodontia.

invisalign-preferred-provider-garland-texasTraditional braces are often viewed as unsightly and uncomfortable. Fortunately, there is an alternative to conventional braces with Invisalign. This orthodontic system is designed to accommodate patients’ desire for comfortable and inconspicuous treatment. Our team at Southern Hills Dental understands that having a beautiful straight smile is of great importance, and for this reason, we are proud to offer Invisalign as a treatment option.

Tooth Positioning and Your Oral Health

The positioning of your teeth can negatively affect your health. If a person’s teeth are crowded, crooked and overlapped, he or she will have increased risks for common conditions like periodontal disease and tooth decay along with a heightened risk for developing problems with worn dentition and occlusion. By straightening misaligned teeth and correcting spacing issues, patients can conduct proper oral hygiene, protect their teeth from untimely tooth wear and reduce the risk of developing malocclusions or TMJ disorder.

How Invisalign Works

Straight Talk About Crooked Teeth

Invisalign is an orthodontic system that utilizes removable appliances called “aligners” rather than fixed appliances like wires and brackets. An aligner is constructed of plastic and fits over the teeth like a retainer. Aligners are custom made to fit snugly so that the right amount of pressure is applied to the teeth to gently force tooth movement. Every week, patients will wear a new set of aligners. Each subsequent set of aligners will fit progressively tighter than the sets before so that teeth move to straighter and healthier positions over time. At the end of treatment, patients will enjoy a beautiful smile that promotes a healthier occlusion and increased oral function.

Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign utilizes plastic rather than metal wires and brackets. The plastic is clear, and therefore, very discreet. Even up close, it is very difficult for others to see that you are receiving orthodontic treatment. In addition to being discreet, Invisalign is comfortable. Invisalign aligners will not cut into or scrape against the linings of lips and cheeks. Lastly, Invisalign is removable. This is of great benefit to our patients because aligners are removed for meals and oral hygiene. Unlike fixed orthodontic appliances, brushing your teeth or eating your favorite meal is convenient and easy.

If you dream of a straighter smile, we invite you to schedule an Invisalign consultation at Southern Hills Dental. After a thorough oral examination, we can determine if this is the right orthodontic system for your unique needs.

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Invisalign® FAQs

Invisalign are removable and clear orthodontic appliances used to improve the placement and positioning of teeth. This orthodontic system provides patients an alternative to conventional – and sometimes uncomfortable – braces comprised of fixed oral appliances like brackets and archwires.

Instead of fixed oral appliances, patients wear removable aligners, which are customized for a person’s specific needs. Every couple of weeks, patients will wear a new tighter set of aligners. As Invisalign’s aligners become progressively tighter, it will guide teeth to healthier positions. Those concerned about comfort or their appearance can rest easy. Invisalign is clear, making it virtually undetectable to others. Since Invisalign has no metal components, this treatment option is considered one of the most comfortable alternatives to conventional orthodontia available.

In most instances, Invisalign is best for adults. Invisalign can help close gaps between teeth and align crooked or overlapped teeth to healthier positions. If Invisalign interests you, we encourage you to schedule a consultation at Southern Hills Dental. At your appointment, we will evaluate the placement and spacing of your teeth to determine if this treatment option meets your needs. Your consultation is also a good opportunity to address concerns and ask questions about your treatment options.

The duration of any type of orthodontic treatment will vary from person to person. On average, those who wear Invisalign enjoy shorter treatment times than they would if they wore conventional braces. Typical treatment times can last between six to eighteen months, depending on the severity of your case. As you progress through your Invisalign treatment, our team can monitor how quickly your teeth respond to Invisalign so that we can provide a more accurate estimate of treatment times.

Insurance coverage can vary among providers and plans. In most cases, dental insurance covers orthodontic treatment for children but there are some plans available that do offer coverage for adults. Many patients do pay for their treatment out of pocket as well. If you have questions about costs, billing and insurance, call Southern Hills Dental to speak with our staff.

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