At some point in your life, you will likely need a dental restoration. In fact, you might actually need more. Restorations are an essential part of keeping teeth healthy after developing decay or becoming damaged.

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From fillings to dental crowns, our team at Southern Hills Dental has your oral health covered. We offer the latest technology to help us diagnose decay, fabricate same-day crowns and place restorations. Our experience, paired with investing in technology such as digital imaging and same-day crown production, means that we can provide excellent quality care as conveniently as possible.

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Fillings, Inlays, and Onlays

Fillings are common restorations used to treat minor to moderate tooth decay. These restorations are made from composite resin so that they help our patients maintain a natural aesthetic. Inlays and onlays treat localized areas of decay or tooth damage with a strategically placed, custom restoration made from durable materials. An inlay fills in the biting surface of a tooth between its cusp while an onlay covers the cusp of a tooth and extends down its side toward the gum line.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a type of restoration that can be used to protect biological tooth structure or replace a missing tooth by attaching to a dental implant. A crown is a tooth-shaped restoration that either fits over all a tooth’s structure to protect it or attaches to an implant’s abutment to fill in the missing spaces of a smile.

When used as a restoration for biological teeth, a crown will build up the surface and shape of a tooth to increase oral function. It will also protect a tooth against developing additional damage or decay. When used as a prosthetic tooth, a dental crown provides a sturdy and stable surface for biting food and helps support adjacent teeth by holding them upright. Crowns are made in dental laboratories or on-site with our CEREC machine.

Same-Day Crowns

In the past, people would wait weeks or months for a custom crown. Fortunately, our patients at Southern Hills Dental do not have to wait that long for their restorations if they choose CEREC crowns. CEREC is a system that uses CAD/CAM technology to help our team fabricate dental crowns in our office. Same-day crowns are made from blocks of ceramic that come in various hues of white. A CEREC crown is beautiful restoration that provides patients the protection they need for a tooth in a fraction of the time.

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  • Dr. Muaina is the best around. You will not be disappointed with his genuine care, professionalism, hard work, and great staff. I highly recommend him to not only my friends and family, but to all!
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Meet the Doctors

Nathan K. Muaina, DMD

Dr. Muaina received his doctorate of dental medicine in 2010 from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Upon completion of his dental degree, Dr. Muaina completed post-doctoral residency training at the University of Texas, School of Dentistry in Houston. Dr. Muaina’s passion is cosmetic and esthetic dentistry. He loves rebuilding a patient’s smile!

Dr. Bill Leinart

Dr. Leinart earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Baylor College of Dentistry. He has been in private dental practice since 1977. Dr. Leinart is a member of the Texas and American Dental Associations, and the Dallas County Dental Society. He has also served as the President of the East Texas Dental Association and the Garland Dental Study Club.

Dental Restorations FAQs

An implant restoration can vary in price depending on the type of materials used to fabricate it. Keep in mind that a dental implant restoration is custom made in dental laboratories by skilled technicians. In addition to the nature of creating custom implant restorations, the materials a patient chooses will affect their price. Porcelain is chosen for those who want to maintain as natural looking of a restoration as possible while other materials like gold or zirconium are chosen for their durability. If you have questions about your healthcare costs, it is best to speak with a member of our staff. Call Southern Hills Dental anytime during normal business hours for more information.

Every dental insurance plan and carrier is different. They all offer different levels of coverage for different types of treatments and procedures beyond routine cleanings and checkups. While most dental providers do offer some coverage for restorative dentistry, it is best to speak with our team at Southern Hills Dental and your dental insurance provider for more detailed information.

A dental crown is a restoration that fits over the outside of a tooth. It will cover the biting surface of a tooth and all its sides. Crowns are used for teeth that require extensive repair or as a prosthetic restoration attached to a dental implant. From the outside, a dental crown resembles a biological tooth. It has pits, grooves, and cusps. If made from porcelain, a dental crown is indistinguishable from biological teeth. The inside of a crown, when used for restoring a damaged tooth, is hollow so that it will serve as a protective cap over a tooth. Crowns can hold broken teeth together, restore them to their proper size and shape, prevent future damage like decay or breakage, and serve as a replacement tooth attached to a dental implant.

In most instances, crowns take weeks for a patient to receive because they are made at off-site laboratories. At Southern Hills Dental, however, receiving a crown in one day is possible. Our practice utilizes CAD/CAM technology, which scans the treatment area to produce the specifications necessary to fabricate a restoration and have it milled onsite the same day. CAD/CAM technology essentially gives our practice 3D milling abilities to streamline the making of custom restorations.

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